Truro Stadium land deal “still not over the line” as County Hall holds firm on promise of community benefit

Posted By on 21st January 2020

By Graham Smith Claims before Christmas that the Truro Stadium project has completed the land-transfer necessary to start construction were premature, the Cornwall Council cabinet member responsible for the scheme…

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  1. The whole thing is a fiasco and for CC to put 3 million of tax payers’ money into this project, with no community benefit is, frankly, immoral. That money, distributed to local community and environmental projects, would benefit a lot more people than a rugby pitch that is not even near a railway station. Inox are slippery customers and best kept at a distance. There are no plans for this stadium to be net zero carbon, no proper drainage and sewage plans, no transport plan that will not add to the congestion and pollution on the A390 and no benefit to those people of Truro and Threemilestone who do not wish/cannot afford to go to a rugby match.

  2. Dear Councillor Egerton

    Whilst I sympathise with your embarrassment, to say that you have been repeatedly warned about the dubious company yourself and the rest of those involved in this increasingly costly fiasco have chosen to keep, you must all learn to live with the entirely predictable consequences that Inox have so surreptitiously visited on you.

    In the meantime those you who collectively sought election to represent your electorates must, like it or not, learn to live with this particular financial burden, because the serial gullibility and ineptitude of Cornwall Council was incapable of spotting and sidestepping such a patently obvious scam as a ‘’free stadium’’.

    What makes this situation even more surreal is that back when you were doing a good job as a ward councillor you actually penned a stunning deconstruction of Inox mentioning ‘’a postal order from Auntie’’ that lent powerful ammunition to the case for having no truck with such a proven man of straw as Mr Saltmarsh with his blatant promise of a proposed ‘’free stadium ‘’, which has in the interim made such utter fools of everyone involved, and again as predicted actually become rather expensive.

    Now perversely you occupy the hot seat as the relevant portfolio holder where the buck stops as the situation you described so well returns to haunt both you and our councils already shaken reputation.

    They do say that ‘’pride goes before a fall’’, in this case time will inevitably tell.

    Yours aye

    Kevin Bennetts

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