Tracie to the rescue, as Cornwall councillors get down to the nitty-gritty of setting their £1.2 billion budget

Posted By on 3rd December 2019

By Graham Smith Cornwall councillors should get their first chance to meet their new chief operating officer today (Tuesday) following last week’s shock resignation of Andy Brown. County Hall’s chief…

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  1. It’s good to see that such a suitable professionally qualified person has filled the breach so quickly. It will be interesting to learn of her appraisal of the current section 151 arrangements.

  2. Jobs for the Girls?

    We may never know what really happened to Andy Brown but my gut feeling given his integrity is that it had something to do with the hubris orbiting around John Betty and Langarth in relation to the unauthorised £2 million spend that came to light which must have been exposed by Andy Brown

    This was promptly airbrushed away and buried as if it had never happened.

    Given the rising body count on the fourth floor there is almost inevitably something seriously wrong at the very heart of our council to cause so many people to leave such lucrative posts at a moments notice in quick succession.

    Effectively Cornwall Council has become a rudderless ship wallowing in the rising swell of discontent that is daily building.

    Inevitably the ones who are going to suffer most in the wake of this turmoil are, as usual, the unfortunate bottom feeders at the foot of the food chain who have no protections in spite of the fact that they will be forced to pick up the bill at some future point.

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