Tourists not to blame for Cornwall’s rapid increase in Covid cases, says council

Posted By on 31st December 2020

By Graham Smith Tourists should not be blamed for the rapid rise in Covid-19 cases in Cornwall, director of Public Health Rachel Wigglesworth told reporters today (Thursday.) Ms Wigglesworth said…

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  1. This virus is like foot and mouth it is spread by some form of travel. Cornwall Council are to blame particularly for opening Newquay Airport. It was seen as a direct advert that Cornwall is OPEN so they flocked down here by any transport means available. Our police force cannot be expected to enforce “woolly rules” but our Council could have given clear messages that tourism is closed!

  2. I agree, we can not leave this to the poor police. The CC has to block the roads in and stop these ignorant could not care less people from getting here in the first place. Oh, then the evil second home owners could not make money by killing us off, by bringing the disease into our country of Kernow.

  3. There is no enforcement of the tier system. Holiday parks are still populated and our local services not protected. We need a simple to understand national lockdown while the vaccines are rolled out.

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