Tories name their Cornwall Council cabinet shadows

Posted By on 7th June 2017

 7th June 2017

By Graham Smith

Cornwall Council's Conservatives have named their front bench team to shadow the cabinet portfolio positions, doubling up to such an extent that nearly half of all the Tory members have a position - which in opposition, is unpaid.


John Keeling and Phil Seeva

Shadowing: Adam Paynter


Dave Biggs and David Harris

Shadowing: Julian German

Environment and Public Protection

Martyn Alvey and Oliver Monk

Shadowing: Sue James

Planning and Economy

John Fitter and Barbara Ellenbroek

Shadowing: Bob Egerton


Tom French and Linda Taylor

Shadowing: Andrew Mitchell


Alan Jewell and Philip Desmonde

Shadowing: Geoff Brown



Clockwise from top left: Pauline Giles, Phil Desmonde, Andy Virr and Oliver Monk


Stephen Rushworth and Simon Elliott

Shadowing: Mike Eathorne Gibbons

Children and Wellbeing

James Mustoe and Pauline Giles

Shadowing: Sally Hawken


Sue Nicholas and Andy Virr

Shadowing: Rob Rotchell


John Bastin and Carol Mould

Shadowing: Edwina Hannaford