The secret jigsaw: how the NHS is Shaping Our Future into a Cornwall of winners and losers, depending on the “Property Asset Scorecard”

Posted By on 23rd March 2018

23rd March 2018 By Graham Smith The redesign of Cornwall’s health service is set to transfer treatment of existing minor injury units to 25 “enhanced” GP surgeries – posing questions…

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  2. Well you say that Neil, but with so much going on behind closed doors and not getting publicity, most people are unaware. This gets very little coverage in our ‘mainstream’ press. I am deeply suspicious about all of this and think an ACS/ACO will open the floodgates for privatisation of the ‘ easy’ bits, leaving complex stuff to a cash strapped public body. However, most people disagree with me. I also abhor the fact that this is a real estate exercise and valuable sites will be flogged off first for some developer to build luxury flats on, and it will have nothing to do with health or community needs. I wish we could mobilise people but until this hits the headlines I don’t think we will.

  3. Unfortunately the sheeple of Cornwall do not care enough to get organised and fight. Only a handful of dedicated indivisuals campaign and protest.
    You get what you deserve. Rise up and revolt against the destruction of Cornwall NHS. People will die.

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