The curious case of the “goodwill” council tax write-off will be back in court in September

Posted By on 24th July 2020

By Graham Smith A court case which is expected to hear how and why Cornwall Council wrote off thousands of pounds in alleged council tax liability, after becoming embroiled in…

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  1. Well, if the above Cornwall Council statement is correct in fact within its last sentence then the liability rests with South West Water but, of course, there is a caveat in the statement from the Council “… the council does not consider that it is liable for the pipe. We do not know who is responsible for it, but we are clear that it is not, and never has been, the council.”
    The Council absolves itself from the matter in this last sentence but in the prior sentence the Council states ” … the council does not consider that it is liable for the pipe.”
    Which is correct?
    This is exceedingly unhelpful for the poor lady who, no doubt, does not have the resources to pursue this matter through the Courts.
    Writing off rates to goodwill is another matter to be dealt with.

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