The Big Issue: how many Cornwall councillors are second home owners? (Answer: more than you might think)

Posted By on 21st February 2018

21st February 2018 By Graham Smith The idea of a crackdown on tax-dodging second home owners who register holiday lets as small businesses is to be investigated by Cornwall Council…

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  1. 12 years ago I spent £ 40k converting my shop which had been losing money for several years into a house. I let it to a single mother with two little girls. Since when I have never increased the rent and I don’t intend to.

  2. I’ve been bleating on about this for years. How can these people represent the members of our community struggling to even get on the housing ladder? I don’t want to stop people having a 2nd home, but they need to pay their dues and the money should be used to help those trying to buy their first home.

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