Ten people in Cornwall now confirmed with Covid-19 coronavirus

Posted By on 18th March 2020

By Graham Smith Ten people in Cornwall have now been confirmed as having the Covid-19 coronavirus.  The number has doubled in a week. Cornwall Council is going ahead with today’s…

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  1. Graham, I believe that you are giving the wrong emphasis. Cornwall does indeed have ten confirmed cases 18th March), but nine days ago there were just three.

    Also at last, the government appears to be waking up to the idea that cosmopolitan and transient Londoners have a far greater problem. Today, there are 953 cases. London NHS Region now has the same number of cases per million population as did Italy just eight days aso. Food for thought?

    More alarming, Kensington & Chelsea has consistently had the top caseload per million of all the 149 English local authority areas. It currently stands at 352 cases per million. Only four days ago, ITALY stood at 349 per million. Westminster is six days behind Italy’s level of infection. Central London is in meltdown. Furthermore, the top sixteen local authorities by number of cases per million are also all London Boroughs.

    It must be reassuring for Cornwall to recognise that we currently stand at 94th from 149 in the Incidence listing. Nine days ago Cornwall sat at No. 21 in the ranking. Cornwall is improving, relative to the rest of the country, or perhaps avoiding infection. Let’s keep it that way.

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