Sarah Newton MP blames “Corbyn-led Momentum-controlled Labour Party” for ending Cornwall Council ambition to take over the NHS

Posted By on 10th March 2018

10th March 2018 By Graham Smith Two of Cornwall’s MPs have criticised Cornwall Council for dropping plans to create an Accountable Care System to replace the National Health Service. All…

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  1. Ask yourselves this Sarah/Steve, why would we want the public purse strings for health in the hands of someone who is now on a public paid jolly to a French sex resort with her mates? Is that really someone acting responsibly with Cornish money?

  2. This is what happens when the sheeple of Cornwall vote in Tory MPs. These people are not interestd in whats best for ordinary citizens, they bow and scrape like trained puppies to the elite party donors.
    I’m also very hurt at the implication that Momentum secured this victory. My local 38Degrees group along with the rest of Cornwalls 38Degrees members, West Cornwall Health Watch and lots of other campaigners and activists hope we played a part as well !!!!!!!!
    Where!s our mention Sarah?? Or are we ignored as non political campaigners and this is just petty party politics????

  3. Such a complicated, petty story from the MPs, but actually it’s very simple – the Government is not putting nearly enough money into the NHS and social care, and no amount of reorganising or passing the buck is going to make things better.

  4. Proving once again that the NHS was never safe in the hands of the Conservative party. This is the same MP who when questioned by myself and others at an Age UK A G M denied that any local hospitals in Cornwall were in danger of closing.

  5. Of course the Tory MPs accuse the council of being attacked by Corbyn – kicking the “political football” in the air whilst shouting DONT PALY FOOTBALL WITH THE NHS!!!

    ffs – very little else to say really.

    They don’t like it when people – the voters begin to notice and understand that their services are under threat and that councillors are being asked to fulfil the simple duty to protect our NHS for future generations.

    People are recognising that the words integrated and accountable whilst sounding positive and trustworthy are fast becoming code for handing a pooled public budget to a single – potentially- non NHS profit making organisation.

    If councillors let this idea develop they will be in dereliction of duty and this should be called out.

    I hope all 123 members of the council meet on the 21st and have the guts to do what is right – cancel all idea of setting up an Integrated Care System – they may give it a fancy name but it’s still an ICS, ACS, ACP – a step towards a terrible model of healthcare inherited from USA.

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