Report of threat to Cornwall’s Minor Injury Units is “scaremongering” says MP

Posted By on 4th January 2018

4th January 2018 By Graham Smith One of Cornwall’s Conservative MPs has described the Cornwall Reports article about the threat to ten Minor Injury Units as “scaremongering.” St Austell and…

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  3. This appears to be one of those very rare occasions when I am obliged to agree with a Tory MP. The statement by Steve Double appears perfectly straightforward to me and it doesn’t appear to “confirm” anything that is not already available and in the public domain. The document on which the original Cornwall Reports article hinges is poorly researched and grossly misleading and the author of the said report is clearly far more interested in massaging his own ego than he is in helping to protect and defend our beleaguered NHS.

    I rejoiced at the arrival of Cornwall Reports as a potential source of constructive journalism and debate to counter the tabloid trivia that constitutes the bulk of the copy in the mainstream Cornish newspapers and I promptly signed up. At this stage I fear Graham Smith appears to be morphing into Kelvin MacKenzie and I don’t know whether it is worth wading through the dross in case there are any nuggets of wisdom to be found. Perhaps a dip into your copy of Aesop’s Fables and “The Boy Who Cried Wolf” wouldn’t go amiss.

    cheers Bob Turner, Perranporth.

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