Relaxation of planning rules “could double house-building in Cornwall”

Posted By on 9th August 2020

By Anne North Local councillors and political parties across Cornwall have given a mixed reaction to the government’s proposed relaxation of planning rules, with most fearing it signals a boom…

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  1. The money once again is looking after itself.
    Human beings never learn from history. This has all happened before. The rubbish that is being built now, one can not call it property, because it is not, it is just plastic rubbish, which is very dangerous, and will burn down in minutes, just as the slums of the 1500 did. Except this time the burnt plastic will contaminate the farm land, and will kill more people through the food that they are eating. Greed is always the undoing of all human beings. The human being never learns until it is too late to save itself.
    CC is trying to go down the road of Climate change, and how to deal with it.
    The two things do not equate.
    Elizabeth Hawken

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