Private schools in Cornwall to face “redistribution” of assets under a Labour government

Posted By on 23rd September 2019

By Rashleigh MacFarlane

Private schools in Cornwall are studying the detail of radical proposals approved by the Labour Party conference which would not only strip them of their charitable status, but would also see a Labour government redistribute their lands, endowments and investments to the state sector.

There are several private schools in Cornwall, which currently enjoy tax breaks worth hundreds of thousands of pounds - meaning they are effectively subsidised by people whose own children go to state schools.

The Labour Party conference, meeting in Brighton, voted overwhelmingly for a set of proposals which many see as an existential threat to the dominance of private schools at universities such as Oxford and Cambridge.


No fewer than 20 British Prime Ministers attended the same private school - Eton.  In Cornwall, Truro School, and Truro High School for Girls, are among the best-known private schools.

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  1. The converse of your statement re subsidisation is that there will be addition costs to the state education system for the increase in pupils from the private sector.

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