Police seek holidaymaker who walked out of Truro hospital before completing treatment

Posted By on 18th July 2017

18th July 2017

By Graham Smith

Police are trying to trace a holidaymaker who walked out of the Royal Cornwall Hospital on Saturday before being fully treated.

Mark Harris, 49, was wearing a distinctive bright yellow T-shirt and as a result of his treatment has had both lower legs of his black jeans cut up the front by hospital staff.  He is described as white and about six feet tall.

He was last seen at the hospital at about 0615 hours Saturday (15th July).   Police say they are concerned about Mr Harris's welfare. He is not believed to have any strong ties to the area and was on holiday in Cornwall from his home town in Yorkshire.

If anyone has any believed sightings of Mr Harris, please call police on 101 Log 252 150717 refers.