Police merger: the curious case of the missing evidence

Posted By on 13th August 2018

13th August 2018 By Daniel Clark With time running out for the “public consultation” serious concerns about the proposed merger of the Devon and Cornwall and Dorset police forces have…

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  1. It appears to me more and more incredible that in all of the major decisions currently being made within Cornwall Council that there are no full business cases and plans available.
    Quote from above report:
    “It could also mean an increase in council tax made up of an uplift of £18, along with an increase of £12 which is already included in the police budget, as the precept in Dorset is higher than the precept in Devon and Cornwall, and it is a legal requirement for precepts to be equalised.”
    By the way, equalisation can go down as well as up.
    Yet another money grabbing ploy without foresight to prop up the disastrous mismanagement that continues in local and national politics regardless of political party.

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