Police constable claimed she was sick so she could attend a wedding

Posted By on 3rd January 2024

By Harold Callahan

A former police constable who last year won praise for her role at an emergency incident in East Cornwall has been found guilty of “gross misconduct” after skipping work so that she could attend a wedding.

PC Leanne Gould, who had been based in the Liskeard area, told bosses she was unwell.  Her request for annual leave had been declined.

Ms Gould subsequently left the Devon and Cornwall police but a later disciplinary hearing heard that she had maintained that she was sick in a number of messages to her line manager.

She later admitted she had reported sick in order to attend the wedding.  She admitted that her conduct was deliberate, misleading and dishonest.

Following the hearing it was concluded that the allegation was proven and that her behaviour amounted to gross misconduct.

Head of Professional Standards, Detective Superintendent Alexandra Doughty said: “The Force and the public expect all officers, staff and volunteers to carry out their roles to a high standard and to behave in an honest manner. In this case, former Police Constable Leanne Gould’s actions have fallen below that.”

Last year PC Gould won praise at an inquest into the death of a young woman at St Ive, near Liskeard, who died in a manic state after taking cocaine.

Former PC Leanne Gould, 28, had been active in the Police Federation.  In 2021 she admonished the then Home Secretary, Priti Patel, for failing to ensure that front line police officers were vaccinated against Covid during the G7 summit in Cornwall.

The inquest heard PC Gould had acted “heroically” and done everything possible to save the woman.


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