Plans to “regenerate” Truro should reflect councillors’ concerns, says scrutiny committee

Posted By on 13th January 2021

By Richard Whitehouse Cornwall councillors have voted by more than 2-1 to raise concerns about the finance and transport arrangements for a major £170 million regeneration scheme in Truro. Members…

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  1. With due respect to Kevin, I do not think I can be portrayed as a supporter of concreting Cornwall. On this, as on many previous matters, I start with the numbers and if they do not add up or look very risky I will shout from the rooftops and , as in this case, get them to look again. Whether Cabinet decide to take any notice of a Scrutiny recommendation is outside of my direct influence-sadly Cabinet do not have a recent record of listening to Scrutiny!

  2. Strange how given a looming election that the councilors mentioned who have been fanatical supporters of concrete Cornwall are suddenly engaging in much hand-wringing about risk and connectivity.

    Could the increasingly obvious ire of their put upon electorates have anything to do with this sudden change of tack?

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