Opinion pollsters and tactical voting gurus provide election talking points in Cornish constituencies

Posted By on 1st December 2019

By Graham Smith This weekend’s opinion polls suggest the Conservatives are on course for an overall majority in 11 days – but with some fascinating contests in Cornwall. A BMG…

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  1. I agree and it makes you wonder just how bad it has to get before people actual realise what a bunch of self-seeking, unaware, corporate puppets they are. Half of them (at least) have interests in private health care firms, the party is financed by the fossil fuel corporations, and we will be wide open to US influence if Brexit goes through!! I would leave if I could afford to!!

  2. The worst Government in living memory
    Three and a half years of Brexit paralysis
    Health, Social Services and Education on their knees
    A climate emergency which goes unnoticed
    Wealth inequality worsening daily
    And STILL the people in the poorest county in England plan to vote Tory!
    Truly I despair

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