Old wine in a new bottle? Cornwall Council’s “Future Operating Model” looks very similar to the one which broke Barnet

Posted By on 17th May 2020

By Graham Smith Conservative and Labour members of Cornwall Council are trying to understand how County Hall has implemented a radical new “outsourcing” plan which aims to place even more…

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  1. These evil people turned up here in Kernow, so as they can give their chums our money. It is obvious to me that they have traveled here from the Westminster swamp. They should, and must be got rid off, and sent back to their London homes, now. What is wrong with our councillors, that they seem not to know what is going on in their name. It is a disgrace. We must use our own local companies to do our work, not large Sowsneck companies that are only in it to fill their own wallets.
    Elizabeth Hawken

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