North Cornwall MP Scott Mann welcomes cut to overseas aid budget

Posted By on 26th November 2020

By Julia Penhaligon The government’s cut to Britain’s overseas’ aid budget yesterday (Wednesday) has been welcomed by North Cornwall MP Scott Mann. Writing on Facebook, Mr Mann said: “I am…

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  1. Elizabeth: fair enough to want to know where the money goes, As a diplomat I, too, sometimes wondered. Yes, there is some waste but the majority is well spent in the poorest countries, like Malawi. Some is to help emergencies- floods, hurricanes, earthquakes. Some goes to improve agriculture, education, infrastructure. We get kudos and political support for our generosity. Out of Europe we will need all the friends we can get!

  2. This aid, where is it actually going to?? Which countries, and which people? Is to the people who our war factories have made a great deal of money bombing into extinction, i,e. Yemen, or Syria. Or is going to countries that have hydrogen bombs galore, and in fact are very rich, but keep the people very poor. The whole thing needs to be looked into in great detail and we the tax paying public need to be shown exactly who why and what are being given money, when we have our own people starving.
    By the by we are not Sowsnecks, we are Kernewek.

  3. A narrow-minded and “little England” comment. Nearly half of the amount saved is due to the reduced income of Uk and the rest accounts for just ).5% of the total borrowed by UK Government this year.
    Global Britain may be Boris Johnson’s slogan but it is not Scott’s!

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