No food, medicine or petrol: Cornwall to be worst hit by “no deal” Brexit, warns Whitehall Doomsday Scenario

Posted By on 3rd June 2018

3rd June 2018 By Julia Penhaligon Cornwall’s supermarkets will run out of food within days, if Britain crashes out of the European Union with a “no deal” Brexit, according to…

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  1. Its really depressing to see the depths to which the rich, greedy, corrupt elites will stoop to and the glee and devotion of their minions to the task at hand.
    Namely more Project Fear. It didn’t work before the referendum but with nothing else to offer more and better Project Doom is the order.
    It still won’t work. Whatver it takes to Leave the EU as voted for by the majority is fine by me. The Leave side stupidly thought the battle was won the day after the vote. We should have been prepared for this as soon as Camoron proved he lied about giving notice the day after the vote and Gideon lied about the emergency budget he would bring to the house the week after the vote.

  2. Apologies – technical glitch on comments now fixed. Editor
    Comment from Martin Sands: I am commenting on the Doomsday Scenario article as this facility does not appear to be available directly beneath said article. It reminds me of when I was young and lived in Eastbourne, Sussex, and we were taught that if an atom bomb was to be dropped on London then we were to head to the foot of the cliffs at Beachy Head as the fall out radiation from the bomb only travelled in straight lines and we could safely shelter there. It also reminds me of the pronouncement of scientists, when atom bomb tests were being exercised, that they would alter the axis of the Earth. Well, despite the foregoing Doomsday scenarios, I am still alive! Perhaps, as added security, I should buy a rowing boat to take me to “safer” waters should the latest prognostication occur.

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