Newquay airport “is not viable” says County Hall’s chief finance officer

Posted By on 21st October 2020

By Richard Whitehouse Cornwall Council’s head of finance has said that Newquay airport is not viable.  The government has offered a loan but Cornwall Council is asking ministers for a…

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  1. This has to be one of the largest jokes of the century so far. St Mawgan airport. is a very large very important military airfield. With the longest runway in the UK. The military can not do without it. At this time there are dozens of military jets flying in and out of the airport each day. Kernow is a very important part of the UK defense area. The two airports we have here are very important to the whole UK safety. HMG dumped the cost of maintaining it on what they see as the thick Kernewek peasants so as to save the swamp some money. If Konsel Kernow walk away from it today, the HMG would just take it back under their control again. They would still permit a few public aircraft to land and take off. As they do now. Both the staff and councillors need to wake up to to the facts as too just how important Kernow is for the safety of the whole of the UK. Especially now that we have escaped from the clutches of the evil EU, and they will want our important Lithium. HMG can not afford to close this so important airport.
    We have too many Sowneck idiots now running our country of Kernow they need to go back to London where they came from.
    Elizabeth Hawken

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