MP slams “pathetic” Cornwall Council for handling of discretionary Covid-19 grants

Posted By on 12th July 2020

By Anne North A row has broken out between Cornwall Council and the government over Covid-19 funding for local businesses.  The council says it needs more cash, but one local…

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  1. I have been asking Cornwall Council this very question since the scheme was announced by CC on 22 May, but without response until I asked as a public question at Tuesday’s full council meeting. It received a totally meaningless reply, and I really don’t think anyone involved bothered to understand the guidance. I even pointed out Plymouth’s version, which is an exemplary template, but CC chose to ignore and blame lack of funding, although I gather more allocations were made last week.

  2. There is 123 elected councillors, but there is only around a dozen that are of any use, and will not take the rubbish that is being fed them by the so called bosses, i.e. the un- elected useless staff. Why are the elected councillors so afraid of these creatures that have come here from the Westminster swamp to bully us into doing what they command.
    Time for them to go, and be replaced by good Kernewek people.

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