Monday’s news briefing – the daily digest of Cornwall’s headlines

Posted By on 12th February 2024

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    • Quite a coherent argument you put forward Alan. I never suggested that students were witless or vertically challenged! Yes, Climate Realists in general are happy. We are happy in the knowledge that we have the facts to back up our arguments and no amount of name calling and finger gestures, change those facts. Sticking a label on me may give you a warm glow inside, but it does not make me wrong.

  1. Quite a kick in the teeth for Falmouth, “most depressing town in England”. Is there any wonder, when so many of
    our future generation, youngsters, who populate the university town, are living in mortal fear that the Climate is going to kill us all in their lifetime, if they’re not already in fear of conscription. They perceive that there is no hope for their future, let alone any children they might bring into this world. Can’t we make an effort to promote the idea that this country is the best place in the world to live rather than the nihilistic clap trap our youngsters are fed by fear mongers captured by an ideology?

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