Mole-hunter council leader bids to plug leaks

Posted By on 1st September 2023

By Julia Penhaligon

Cornwall Council’s Conservative leader councillor Linda Taylor has ordered her group to stop talking to Cornwall Reports.

In a WhatsApp message sent to more than 40 Tory councillors she warns that Cornwall Reports does not support the Conservative Party.  This is unlikely to be news to most of her councillors.

“I remember a few years ago when Cornwall Reports was sticking it to the Liberal Democrats,” one Tory councillor told Cornwall Reports last night (Thursday.)

“Hardly a day went by without some juicy leak from within the Lib Dem High Command.  Particularly over Cormac-gate, or Email-gate, or any number of other Scandal-gates that when we were in Opposition we used to think were very helpful.  We really can’t complain about Cornwall Reports.”

Councillor Taylor’s latest attempt to rally her troops says “there are two leakers” within her group and she is determined to stop the flow of information.

A growing number of Cornwall's Conservative councillors are starting to tire of their daily WhatsApp update from their leader

In fact, as councillor Taylor’s doomed mayoral odyssey revealed earlier this year, the number of potential rebel Conservative councillors is closer to 20.  Some think a change of council leadership is vital before the next elections.

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  1. Who the hell does she think she is? If your report is only half true, who is she to be “determined to stop the flow of information”. She thinks she is head of the KGB. Is Cllr Taylor so captured by the Officer Cult and their obsession with power and secrecy, that she has forgotten one reality. It is not her MONEY. It is not her information. CC does not have any MONEY. It has access to our involuntary tax contributions with which we unwillingly fund our government structure. As democratically elected members , openness should be a given. For what possible reason would it be necessary to withhold CC’s intentions contained in Newquay Airport Strategic Review. We have funded the enterprise, good or bad, for years. If the strategic intention of Cllr Taylor and her vegetables, is to sell the Airport to a single purchaser, on preferred terms, then we have a right to know that is her intention. Spoken openly in What’s App or a press release. We, the source of the funding, would then know what her intentions were. Why should Phil Mason, Peter Marsh, Tracie Langley, Mrs Kennally and her wife and Cllr Taylor, know the intention but not us who are the bulk of the funders of any scheme? If no sealed bid, competitive tendering is contemplated then identifying the mysterious dark web potential purchaser is even more necessary. Heaven forbid that Cornwall Reports should then investigate this mysterious entity!! There could possibly be much ‘clutching of pearls’ at the high table if some investigative journalist discovered an inappropriate insider deal with influential Officers of the Council.

  2. The ”mole hunter” appears to dislike being the hunted… Stag at Bay springs to mind, if the ”leader” does not up her game the end could be nigh.

    What the hell does she think she is doing ordering adults around like naughty children?

    Petulant diktats of this ilk can only serve to fan the flames of discontent and ultimately a coup de tat to remove her because in a rational institution failure must never be rewarded.

    More power to Cornwall Reports for its integrity and honest reporting with or without the Kremlins blessing because it exhibits more courage than the entire Cornwall Council Cabinet put together!

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