Media “hounding” of Dominic Cummings is “unacceptable in a civilised democracy” says St Austell & Newquay MP Steve Double

Posted By on 27th May 2020

By Graham Smith St Austell and Newquay MP Steve Double has broken his silence about the Dominic Cummings affair, saying he has “passed on” his constituents’ concerns to the government.…

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  1. Very much agree with what Steve Double is saying.
    I have reported the BBC to OFCOM three times in the last few days.
    Ask yourself would you like a pack outside your and street, it’s been truly shocking the way the media has behaved.

  2. Steve Double thinks we should now draw a line under the Cummings episode and “work together.”
    Clearly the concept of working together does not extend to the Chief Medical Officer for Scotland, Senior Scientific Advisors to the Government, and now the Prime Minister’s Chief Advisor (and his aristocratic wife).
    If the general public now feel free to ignore Covid guidelines, then Messrs Johnson and Cummings, and those MPs who show blind loyalty to them, have only themselves to blame

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