Man arrested over “malicious communication” to Cornwall Council leader during Newquay refugee row

Posted By on 20th March 2023

By Peter Tremayne

A man has been arrested in connection with a “malicious communication” sent to Cornwall Council leader Linda Taylor following remarks she made last month about a planned protest against refugees in Newquay.

Staffordshire police say a 56-year-old man from Tamworth has been released on conditional bail pending further inquiries.

The Beresford hotel, Newquay, was the scene of a noisy protest on 25th February, after extreme Right-wing groups made numerous false allegations against the 200 asylum seekers placed there by the Home Office.

Councillor Taylor was praised for speaking out against the planned protest.  Details of the “malicious communication” are not known.

Dozens of far-Right activists travelled to Cornwall to demonstrate against the asylum seekers but were easily

outnumbered by hundreds of anti-Nazi campaigners during a stand-off which lasted most of the afternoon.  There were no arrests at the scene on the day of the protest.

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  1. Linda Taylor’s comments that the Beresford Protesters were racist, bigoted and abhorrent were reported on the 14th February. The peaceful protest happened on the 25th February. Newquay Residents were highlighting the safety issues associated with the residents of the Beresford. As Leader of 570,000 Cornish residents, she had no justification for giving her racist and bigoted remarks and opinions to the press regarding Newquay residents, which you continue to parrot. No protest had happened so you are complicit in promulgating her false allegations against the residents of Newquay.
    “Dozens of far right activists travelled to Cornwall” is propaganda you might like to reconsider. You Social Justice Warriors appear to have great difficulty with rearranging history to fit your narrative. That is not journalism . You are pedalling propaganda.

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