Make sure your council tax hike doesn’t hurt “genuine” holiday homes, Andrew George tells Labour

Posted By on 24th September 2018

24th September 2018 By Anne North The St Ives Liberal Democrat parliamentary candidate Andrew George has challenged the Labour Party to work with him if it wants its proposed clamp-down…

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  1. The Liberal Democrat for St. Ives, Andrew George, M.P. is absolutely on message with this subject. His version of the situation resonates with Cornish residents of all political hues. Once again, the Labour response is knee-jerk, half-baked and populist, demonstrating an incomplete comprehension of the issues.

    The need for such control is exampled by the 2009 case of the bijou Helford Village on the Lizard. The mainly London & absent second home owners had within a few days, put together a £20,000 fighting fund to stop Manaccan Parish Council in support of the Cadgwith, Helford and District Fishermen’s Association, from building a very necessary jetty for landing the fishermens’ catches. This practice had been carried out for 150 years at Helford, but the sympathetic plans were then refused by a Judge of the High Court in support of the ‘residents’ of Helford Village.

    Local fisherman Chris Bean had logged 82% of the houses in Helford as ‘Second and Holiday homes’.

    A classic case of a very adverse effect of the influence of Second & Holiday homes on traditional Cornish lives.

    A critical point of significant interest to Cornish Council-tax payers has been under-reported in this story of Labour’s plans for a double tax on holiday homes. In his interview at the Labour Party conference, John Healey, the shadow housing secretary, selectively used the example of Cornwall as the principle honey-pot for Labour’s plan. He said that this double-tax would be transferred to the benefit of those needy City areas, (such as Liverpool), to address the homelessness crisis. 

    Surely, Council-Tax is a local tax, used to the benefit of local issues? What of the Cornish homeless and disadvantaged residents? Should not these funds be used to solve some of the housing problems of Cornwall? How about also solving some of the knock-on effects on the housing market of the 7,500 to 8,500 students living in Penryn and Falmouth that are having such an adverse effect on the availability of rental properties for the wider population? – More than 25% of the population being students!

    If Labour is serious about solving some Cornish problems, transferring the potential ‘honey-pot’ of Second Home taxes out of County is a real vote-loser. The Lib-Dem Andrew George appears to be much more in touch.

  2. Hopefully a future labour government would be very different from the last one so Mr George could try again. I think holiday homes – those that could be occupied full-time,do just as much damage to the local area in terms of community and house price inflation.

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