Lib Dems bounce back in Bude

Posted By on 24th August 2018

24th August 2018 By Anne North The Liberal Democrats are celebrating a convincing Cornwall Council by-election victory at Bude, after holding the seat with more than 53% of the vote.…

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  1. It’s not fair, people didn’t know what they were voting for, I demand a second election … until the RIGHT result is delivered.

    The Lib Dems should understand and agree with this wish to preserve PROPER democracy.

    Whilst I’m not sure of total voter turnout, with a majority of 53% when you count non-voters I can guarantee that at least 60% did NOT vote for the Lib Dem.

    • Ah, a badly mislpaced attempt at humour. I campaigned in Bude (and nearby places like Launceston) for Remain. I spoke to a lot of people who wished to leave. You’ll not want to believe it, but none of them mentioned the Customs Union, the Single Market, the European Economic Area, rationing, food shortages, personal financial services restrictions and costs, the loss of millions of jobs in manufacturing, the destruction of the fishing industry, the massive losses for farmers etc etc. Indeed, try as I might (and as an ex civil servant I know quite a lot about several areas of EU activity) no leaver wished to engage on the practicalities of EU membership and exiting at all. Given the Leave side made clearly unsubstantiated promises, as is now evident to all but the deliberately blind, a vote on the terms now seems to me like democracy in action.Many congratulations on the recent win.

      • Democracy in action is accepting the vote we made in 2016. Believe me, and I know from experience over the last four years, North Cornwall voted leave by a large large margin.

        As for Dr Wollaston and her “democracy is about recognising a wrong decision and changing your mind” argument.

        Yes Sarah, I completely agree, people should be able to change their minds. In 1975 we voted to join Europe, in 2016 we decided to change our minds.

        The problem with the remain arguments, and it is the actual argument and not the actual outcome, the argument is to keep on changing minds until one particular outcome is reached.

        That is not changing your mind. That is imposing one decision on a majority who do not want it.

    • We will vote again in Bude, in 2021. And then again in 2025 and so on. So the recent vote is not the will of the people for all time.
      Having another EU vote, when the actual deal has been decided, is a perfectly reasonable way in which the government can be sure that they are carrying out the will of the people.

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