Let full council decide, says Andrew George, as health inquiry panellists ponder their first questions

Posted By on 6th December 2017

6th December 2017 By Graham Smith The panel of Cornwall councillors tasked with conducting an inquiry into taking over the National Health Service is unlikely to hold its first meeting…

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  1. As someone who has spent all my working life in the NHS, most of it in Cornwall, and at the coal-face, not a back office, I am truly appalled at this. If this goes through, Cornwall will be a vanguard for heinous Tory policies to privatise our health service. Private corporations, many of whom don’t even pay tax in the UK, will be champing at the bit to take on hernia repairs, knee replacements etc but they won’t want to touch the diabetic complications, chronic respiratory problems etc with a none foot barge pole!! That will be left to an underfunded, demoralised public sector. Personally, I think health should remain separate from local government. One of the criticisms of RCHT by the CQC was there was insufficient involvement of nurses, doctors and other clinical staff in the running of the trust. I fail to see how engaging more bureaucracy is changing that!!

  2. Candy dragged Frank Dobson down here to keep those hospitals open.
    It does sound like a heavily poisoned chalice.
    We need a Labour voice on that committee.

  3. Cornwall Council should grab every opportunity to take control of as much of Cornish affairs as possible. I see it as a step towards self-determination, devolution and eventually independence.

  4. Cornwall Councillors have shown themselves to be inadequate to commission our NHS services. They have failed to deliver on Social Care and they are responsive to overtures from greedy private providers. They cost the ratepayer over their misguided BT contract. Yet again the Tories and Lib Dems join in a coalition of disaster for Cornwall’s NHS.

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