John Betty moved from Strategic Director post at County Hall, as planning chief Phil Mason takes over

Posted By on 5th September 2018

5th September 2018 By Graham Smith The senior official who masterminded Cornwall Council’s £78,000 trip to the south of France earlier this year is being moved from his job. John…

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    • You are now choosing to publish incorrect and unfactual information after being advised this is not true. No one has been appointed to the role. There is an expression of interest for the role, which has not yet closed.

  1. This article is incorrect. No appointment has been made to this post. Recruitment action is underway and applications are still open.

  2. You have to laugh if you are not crying. He should be sacked and we are paying his salary for f all as far as i can see. As for Phil Mason he has overseen the worth landscape catastrophes of all time in Cornwall. Makes me very sad.

    • Yes, whilst accepting that the NPPF is a developers’ charter, Cornwall Council make little attempt to control the situation or step in when flagrant breaches of developerment agreement are taking place, in Truro we have witnessed Persimmon Homes commit environmental vandalism on a grand scale and nothing has been done to curb them, and we have tried!!

  3. Sounds like a way of avoiding another hefty pay out on a quasi dismissal case. There should now be full disclosure of the facts and scrutiny by elected councillors.

  4. Ok so when are they going to publish details of his salary and what the hell is a ‘special advisor’ anyway? This is just wrong on so many levels!! Did the members get any say or was this an internal, officer led decision to get them out of a tricky situation. What has happened to accountability and democracy?!

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