How to get to Heathrow from Newquay without a third runway

Posted By on 25th June 2018

25th June 2018 By Peter Tremayne As MPs prepare to vote on the possible expansion of Heathrow airport – raising the prospect of direct flights from Newquay – a survey…

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  1. I must say I was tickled by Peter Tremayne’s report on getting to west London from Cornwall without a new direct link. Since when has four hours to go via Manchester been worthy of an “only?” The potential saving of three hours with a new direct link is likewise described as “only.” For a busy business person I’d have thought that three hours time saving each way was a Godsend. That’s six hours which can be much better spent than sitting around waiting for a connection. Whatever people’s opinions of a new Heathrow runway, let’s not kid ourselves into thinking it would make no difference to the business community here in Cornwall.
    Michael Fleet

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