Greens and Brexit Party hold the keys to December’s general election result in Cornwall

Posted By on 30th October 2019

By Graham Smith The key to the outcome of the 12th December general election could rest with two political parties which will probably not win one single MP in Cornwall…

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  1. “I but I am not going to sell my soul and vote anything but green.”

    Then unfortunately under our current fptp system your vote will have no effect in removing the Tories.

    I appreciate your commitment to your principled green position but if you really do “want the tories out as much as anyone” then you can logically only cast your vote for the candidate most likely to usurp the tory incumbent.

    • Well that depends who it is!! I won’t vote for middle of the road parties who sit on the fence until they get a chAnce for power, The problem is that do many people say they would vote green but they won’t get in – well not if you don’t vote for them!! And I really don’t believe there is another party who can actually be effective at tacking climate change. Sorry you think being principled is a bit pathetic but I don’t!!

      • I don’t think that “being principled is a bit pathetic” and I didn’t write that. Then again it depends on what your principles are.

  2. The point is that, with a biased media, the only coverage the Green Party get is at election, so we need to be represented. Plus, we actually have the ONLY policies to mitigate climate change. The lib dems are going to tinker with the ‘business as usual’ scenario – which won’t work. Labour have a few more radical ideas but they don’t go far enough. We were let down last time when we stood aside – no reciprocity!! We deserve to be heard – our finance is totally internal – we get no handouts like the main parties do, especially the tories, from people who stand to gain by their election. I want the tories out as much as anyone but I am not going to sell my soul and vote anything but green.

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