Government’s Covid vaccination programme expects people to reach Bristol in only 45 minutes, or wait for a local GP appointment

Posted By on 10th January 2021

By Anne North The nearest “mass” Covid-19 vaccination centre for Cornwall is in Bristol, the government today (Sunday) confirmed.  Ministers are heralding the new vaccination centres but only people who…

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  1. I am getting increasingly worried as to whether my over 80 family and friends will ever get the vaccine in South East Cornwall. Our poor GP surgery has not had any vaccine yet and its message to us, is to wait for a call. That is all very well, but disheartening when we read that the various vaccines are in Cornwall, but nowhere near here! We have no vaccine hub in South East Cornwall and no news of one being set up. We certainly can’t get to Bristol in 45 minutes. We can’t even get to Bodmin or Derriford in 45 minutes. So it’s the GP surgery for us? When will that be?

    There is also misleading information in the media. We read that all over 80s are priority for the vaccine, but other reports say that it is only over-80s who have a hospital appointment who are being vaccinated in Cornwall. What about the rest?

    Of course Cornwall Council should be given information as to who has received the vaccine and in which areas.

  2. Once again the government is going for a centralised Covid-19 solution, carefully avoiding the established local authority public health experts, this time for vaccination. This is no doubt encouraged by the brilliant success of its PPE and contact tracing solutions, which spaffed £billions in the general direction of its friends and supporters. Are we to expect the same again? And if anyone can explain to me what role “commercial sensitivity” has in addressing the greatest health crisis of our generation, they deserve a Pulitzer prize.

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