Government finds an extra £437,000 to boost support for Cornwall’s rough sleepers

Posted By on 11th June 2018

11th June 2018 By Anne North The government has given Cornwall more than £437,000 to help support rough sleepers. A total of £30 million is being distributed by the Ministry…

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  1. Rough sleeping is part of a larger government policy – austerity. Not only does austerity policy mean that everyone (except the big corporations, banks and hedge fund managers) have less money and the very poorest least of alll, but essential services are cut to the bone. It is not enough for a government department to chuck some money at the problem and a few Tory MPs utter ‘sincere’ words – what it needs is a whole new system of capitalism that has another bottom line – i.e. society and the environment and genuine investment in public services. In the short term we need immediate investment in mental health and adult social services. Finally, a more tolerant and compassionate outlook to those less fortunate than ourselves!

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