Get ready for a “hard border” between Newquay and Europe, as regional airports gear up for a no-deal Brexit

Posted By on 4th April 2019

By Graham Smith Newquay airport has said it has “robust” plans to deal with a no-deal Brexit, if Britain leaves the European Union without a deal a week tomorrow (Friday…

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  1. Placating ‘remainers’ when the vote was to’leave’ makes the referendum a ‘non vote’. They will manoeuvre towards a people’s vote ….if that becomes the case I hope and pray more than 17.4 m will vote for an Exit ….but the ballot has to have the option of ‘exit without a deal’. Long term that’s what’s best for the UK.

  2. This means at this time and for many years, no one has any idea how many people are entering our country or where they have come from. THIS HAS TO STOP NOW.
    We should and must have passport control at all entry points into our country, so that we actually know who is entering our country, and why they are doing so. This free movement should never have been allowed in the first place.
    The quicker we get out of this EU quagmire the better.

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