General Election 2024: Cornwall’s Tories have been completely wiped out – all the official results

Posted By on 5th July 2024

By Julia Penhaligon

Camborne and Redruth – LABOUR GAIN

Perran Moon (Labour) 19,360

Connor Donnithorne (Conservative) 11,554

Roger Tarrant (Reform) 8,952

Robert Hawkins (Socialist Labout) 342

Thalia Marrington (Liberal Democrat) 4,113

Catherine Hayes (Green) 2,840

Paul Holmes (Liberal) 624






St Austell and Newquay – LABOUR GAIN

Noah Law (Labour) 15,958

Steve Double (Conservative) 13,488

Stephen Beal (Reform) 9,212

Joanna Kenny (Liberal Democrat) 4,805

Amanda Pennington (Green) 2,337

Jean Latham (Liberal) 490

Angie Rayner (Independent) 442









Andrew George (Liberal Democrat) 25,033

Derek Thomas (Conservative) 11,247

Giane Mortimer (Reform) 6,492

Ali Filson (Labour) 2,788

Ian Flindall (Green) 1,797

Dave Laity (Independent) 360

Paul Nicholson (Liberal) 187

Jason Saunders (UKIP) 111

Richard Harris (The Common People) 91










Truro and Falmouth – LABOUR GAIN

Jayne Kirkham (Labour) 20,783

Cherilyn Mackrory (Conservative) 12,632

Ruth Gripper (Liberal Democrat) 6,552

Steve Rubidge (Reform) 6,163

Karen la Borde (Green) 3,470

Peter Lawrence (Independent) 498

Peter White (Liberal) 166










Ben Maguire (Liberal Democrat) 24,904

Scott Mann (Conservative) 14,137

Rowland O’Connor (Reform) 8,444

Robyn Harris (Labour) 2,958

Lance Symonds (Green) 1,335

Sarah Farrell (Heritage) 277






South East Cornwall – LABOUR GAIN

Anna Gelderd (Labour) 15,670

Sheryll Murray (Conservative) 13,759

Paul Wadley (Reform) 9.311

Colin Martin (Liberal Democrat) 8,284

Martin Corney (Green) 1,999

Graham Cowdry (Heritage) 263


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  1. Sheryll Murray said on BBC News that she’s “had a ball” in her time as MP. Never mind that she’s helped oversee the decimation of the NHS, an unprecedented rise in child poverty, wealth disparity, obesity, unaffordable housing, homelessness, and demand for food banks, we’re all so glad to know that she’s enjoyed the ride, aren’t we?

    • Alan Davies

      The ”Rancid Sheryll” got skewered because anecdotes about her character abound among those in the know which need not be repeated here because thankfully the problem has been surgically removed at the ballot box.

      The most appropriate comment being good riddance.

  2. Serves them all right! They all went to Westminster to further their own careers and failed to look after Cornwall and the people who put them there! My sincere hope is that the new ones put Cornwall before themselves

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