Four years later: Cormac-gate finally makes it onto the agenda for a Cornwall Council meeting

Posted By on 23rd November 2020

By Graham Smith The promised review of Cormac-gate is due to come under the spotlight tomorrow (Tuesday) when Cornwall Council leader Julian German is due to answer a public question…

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  1. It is obvious to me that Kernow has been taken over by people who have emigrated here from the Westminster swamp, who firmly believe that they rule the UK, and not the elected MPs or councillors. If either do not do as the swamp insists then the swamp get rid of the people who go against them, or they have up until now. We are seeing this at this time in HMG. Democracy has to win out over the evil swamp. These bullying staff have to be got rid of, and replaced by locally well educated people as it used to be, between 1975 and 2009. Elected councillors must not be bullied by over paid unelected staff.
    Elizabeth Hawken

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