Found! A Cornish Tory who is prepared to support Dominic Cummings

Posted By on 26th May 2020

By Richard Whitehouse The leader of the Conservative group at Cornwall Council has said she has not had a single comment from anyone locally about the actions of Dominic Cummings.…

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  1. That is OK then. One law for the people who actually work for their living and keep our country running, and have to obey the law, or ells. And another, no law, for the Swamp, and their rich banker chums, who can do what ever they like. So all the people who have been summoned for not obeying the law, will now sue the government and get their money back.
    That is OK then, no law for them, only law for us people seen as the Plebs.
    Elizabeth Hawken

  2. I forgot to mention about the frustration of being a Cornish resident when my 2nd home owner neighbour repeatedly and blatantly came down during the lockdown, for no apparent reason apart from pleasure – now THAT was not followed up by the police/council/local MP, nor hounded by the press, when reported.

    • Did your neighbour write the lock-down rules, and deliver them to every letterbox in the country, ordering people to stay at home? If so, I’m really angry with myself for missing that story!

      • I guess not – not aware of his profession but guessing retired and of no interest to the media, but for me does not explain a media witch-hunt, coupled with really embarrassing questioning by reputedly top journos, for me throws the media into a different stratosphere where they are looking for a scalp to fill their front pages with once again.

      • The lock-down rules would have been discussed, reviewed and collectively decided by a Cabinet committee made up of a group of senior ranking ministers (elected politicians only) as part of the established democratic structure of the UK Government. You appear to be implying that rules were written by an other or others, which would be improper and incorrect.

        • Agreed. I am not sure where the collective media are coming from with their inference that Cummings was responsible for the Government policies, quite a grand suggestion to give to any one individual. I would suggest it is more about the press hate relationship they have with him, together with political intent of certain national papers.

  3. I would hope there are more in support of the PM’s decision, rather than jumping on the witch-hunt Press bandwagon to create a news item when there are far more important things both nationally and internationally to report on . . .

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