Flights from London are not breaking any laws, insists Newquay Airport

Posted By on 21st December 2020

By Peter Tremayne Newquay Airport has issued a statement to explain why flights from London, now in Covid Tier 4, are still coming to Cornwall. Airport bosses say their policy…

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  1. Is what the Airport authorities say true? I don’t know. We’d need *very* expert legal advice to answer this question – either that, or very deep pockets in order to mount a challenge in the Courts to the Airport’s current policy.

    If the Airport are correct, then this shows how badly drafted was the legislation.

  2. All their measures are not going to stop people coming down here to holiday over the festive season brining the virus with them. Every transport link is a leak, travel being the biggest reason for the spread! Close the airport we don’t need it especially now!

  3. Is there any monitoring or restrictions happening with private flying? During the first lockdown private flights carried on more or less as usual with little awareness of who was being moved around or between which places. It all seemed to be down to individuals’ common sense, which as we all know may not be a great motivator for any of us, privileged or not.

    I think flights into Cornwall from Tier 4 areas is incomprehensible except in extreme exceptions, but to focus only on our regional airport and ignore all the private flights happening, is only telling part of the story.

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