EYEWITNESS EXCLUSIVE: “I have seen the future, and it doesn’t work” – government’s Covid-19 testing regime leaves Cornwall out in the cold

Posted By on 26th April 2020

By Peter Tremayne One of the first key workers to use one of the government’s new Covid-19 testing centres has told Cornwall Reports of the complex challenges which seem certain…

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  1. We have to thank the person who went through this nonsense for us all. Thank you.
    It is very obvious who is running this government and this disaster. It is not any elected MP, they are just there to do as they are instructed. It is the Westminster swamp of thick ignorant rich public school boys. Who from the beginning of this decided that it would be a very good way to get rid of all these unwanted elderly people, and as many poor people as possible, [note] not unwanted by the public but by the Westminster crooks. The MPs have to obey their masters or they will be in a lot of trouble. As far as Kernow is concerned, the swamp just wish to get rid of as many of us as is possible, so as just to have the whole country for their second homes and staff to run them.
    So there is no way that they will permit any of us to be tested, here in Kernow, it may save us, and they do not wish that to happen.
    The only way we can save our country is to re open our mines urgently. There used to be a mine in Rock, perhaps there is copper there, let us hope so.

  2. Why, on Earth, did this person travel all the way to Exeter from joining the A30 just north of Bodmin instead of travelling on to Plymouth, a much shorter journey? Despite his observation of the number of cars on the road, the roads are still quite empty implying no hold ups on his journey to either city. He would also have avoided the coned off road works and spent less time and mileage on this essential journey.

  3. Someone I know was tested, the comment he made was that he knows what dogs feel like locked in a hot car. Windows up and you are not allowed to keep the engine running. As the weather gets hotter some form of shade needs to be provided.

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