Extreme Right-wing activism on the rise in Cornwall, expert tells councillors

Posted By on 9th September 2018

9th September 2018 By Richard Whitehouse The number of people joining extreme right wing groups and sharing their views is on the rise in Cornwall. In Cornwall 25,500 education staff…

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  1. Frankly Cornwall Council, I deeply resent the fact that animal rights and environmental activists are somehow put under the same umbrella as right wing activists. Call me biased, but the former are working for the good of the planet and species, the latter are a bunch of jingoistic biggots.

  2. Bit repetitive, isn’t it?
    Also not a single fact about which organisations, how many people maybe members, how many contacted and prevented.
    Unusually poor reporting, Richard!

  3. The above report concerns me.
    The official Government Channel Duty Guidance can be found here:
    It is a programme specifically drawn up under sections 36(7) and 38(6) of the Counter-Terrorism and Security Act 2015 to protect vulnerable people from being drawn into terrorism; rightly so. Nothing more. Officials can, on occasion, enter into the bad habit of attempting to expand specific Government legislation beyond its legal scope, thus diluting its importance and respect with the public.

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