Extinction Rebellion banners displayed over Cornwall’s roads in climate change protest

Posted By on 6th December 2020

Around 50 Extinction Rebellion supporters unfurled banners over the A30, A38 and other locations in the southwest yesterday (Saturday) to alert the public to the growing threat of climate change.

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  1. I find the whole thing rather ridiculous. These same people are dressed in plastic clothing produced by the petrochemical industry. They are consuming food full of Soya which is being grown on destroyed forest. They waste more needed water than ever before by continually using showers which waste more water, and continually change and wash cloths and dishes in machines which waste huge amounts of water, and yet more contaminating detergents from the petrochemical industry. They buy their food packed in plastic from supermarkets, who are just there to make money. It is these young people who need to change their ways. Older people do not waste the planets reserves as they do.

    • Dear Elizabeth, if you took time to research your facts and maybe even attend an XR meeting, you would discover that most XR supporters are from a varied demographic. The average age must be well over forty, and many of my fellow rebels are over 60. These people do not do, as you suggest, lead extravagant and wasteful lives. The majority live as sustainably as they can, but blaming people because they shower and waste water is ridiculous. Its collective action we need. We all must make changes to avoid further climate and ecolgical catastrophes. If only a few individuals change their lifestyles and give up driving, flying and excessive consumption of ‘stuff’, then we won’t change anything. Its about getting government and corporations to act on climate change.

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