EXCLUSIVE: The worldwide web of private consultants with secret plans to re-draw the map of Cornwall’s National Health Service

Posted By on 20th August 2018

20th August 2018 By Graham Smith Health chiefs have hired more private sector consultants to help them close down and sell some of Cornwall’s community hospitals, Cornwall Reports can reveal.…

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  1. I am probably considerably more “politically right” of the general views of the author of this piece but I am firmly behind many of his excellent reports. The structure and processes of Cornwall’s Unitary Authority are democratically very worrying.to me.
    Leveraging (borrowing against assets already held) and PFI (public-private partnerships) have already locked Cornwall’s future into unknowable financial risks for tens of years. The above article indicates yet more of the same. I find it disappointing, to say the least, that our Cornwall MPs are not more publicly vocally involved in monitoring the local government structure.

    • Totally agree and I can see the fallout locally. The dreadful problem is that the general population believe the weasel words and dodgy logic of our politicians. It is desperately depressing.

  2. Is it possible to print the FOI questions that were asked and let people see what COUNCIL and STP etc are (frankly) dodging? Be good to get advice on whether the dodging is permissable or can be tackled by legal means…

    • That’s a good idea. And if councillors are not privy to a lot of this information then it is even more worrying. There are already concerns that the officers are not liaising with elected members.

      • Shouldn’t the elected members be listening to the electorate and standing up publicly to demand clarity. I haven’t seen or heard much of that. I have had a lot of stonewalling. Incompetence or guile?

    • Steve – I have forwarded the FOI correspondence to you, via email, for you to use as you see fit.

      At the end of the day, publication comes down to a “public interest” test. I am taking the refusal to disclose to the Information Commissioner. It is depressing that Cornwall councillors themselves have not sought to put this information into the public domain.

      • Exactly so – why are our representatives at Cornwall Council so silent on this health issue that affects all of us. If they are not representing us, and they are not, why are they accepting their stipend? There is something rotten in the State of Cornwall!

    • Please publicise the FOI Questions and Answers. There is land in Launceston at the Hospital site that is being bought by Cornwall Council to build ‘Supported Housing’. On the face of it, this looks like a good idea. When one looks closer, this would add to parking and traffic issues at our Medical Centre which is due to expand shortly. I consider this a knee jerk reaction to fulfil CC quotas on housing. It has not been thought through as this housing could be incorporated into development nearby and this waterlogged site could be used for medical staff parking. Short term policies with instant ‘wins’ to serve another agenda?

        • Thank you – and please keep uncovering the ongoing cynical use of power by our so called representatives – and those who sit idly by and do nothing are as responsible as their colleagues. Nobody is coming out of this well.

  3. None of these people are fit to decide how our health services should run. Tney have profit as their bottom line an simply do not understand health. Furthermore, the consuntants CC have picked don’t strike me as being efficient or, indeed, ethical – though in my book their activities are pretty unethical anyway. They are spending money hand over fist on these dodgy operators. Hospital closures should not be based on the value of the property but on the need in that particular area. No prizes for guessing whether Fowey or Edward Hain will close – prime real estate. The whole thing stinks!!

  4. The plunder of our state resources is undemocratic and downright venal. Everybody who is involved in this is culpable. The NHS is being destroyed for profit. How short sighted and plain stupid is that? The perpetrators and their families will suffer too.

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