EXCLUSIVE: Julian German prepares to take over the Cornwall Council hot seat with a $5,000 “leadership” training course in the USA

Posted By on 24th October 2018

24th October 2018 By Graham Smith Cornwall Council is sending councillor Julian German on a $5,000 training course in America to prepare him for taking over as leader next year.…

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  1. Unbelievable and completely inappropriate and I agree with the comments above – what has an American leadership course got to with UK local government? Not a lot but what a wheeze for the Councillor involved, a nice jolly once again paid by for us the long suffering tax payers. Oh God give us an election before German takes over and lets get rid of the incompetent bunch.

    • Agreed Steve. It’s just par for the course I’m afraid. We have a wealth of problems in Cornwall, none of which will be helped by this “training”. Mr German would do better to spend some time with the people of Cornwall and to identify some priorities. I’m just surprised that this wasn’t taking place in the South of France!

  2. Take a course in leadership from Americans!! Really!! What next – a human rights course in North Korea!!

  3. As a precursor to this, Councillor German attended a “How to take the piss” diploma course along with most of the un-elected leadership of Cornwall Council.

  4. No doubt the course will improve his obfuscational answers to questions raised; a necessary precursor for all “captains of industry”. Bentley University, Boston, USA? What’s wrong with the London Business School, UCL or the University of Exeter?

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