EXCLUSIVE: “I’m in” says Branson, as Virgin puts cash on the table for Newquay Spaceport

Posted By on 21st November 2018

21st November 2018 By Graham Smith The attempt to win more central and local government support for the development of a spaceport at Newquay is about to take a significant…

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  1. Today’s Guardian has an update on the spaceport scene in the US. https://www.theguardian.com/cities/2018/nov/22/houston-we-have-a-spaceport-can-the-city-stay-ahead-in-space-travel

    I can see the case for Branson wanting a complementary site in Europe. I haven’t seen any evidence that he’s paying Cornwall off against other sites over here. Providing the Council doesn’t over commit, the upsides on this venture are now looking promising.

  2. Specifically, how much cash (none so far apparently) is Richard Branson going to inject into this proposed £10,000,000 project in Cornwall and how much additional cash will be required from tax-payers to bring it to fruition? If this project fails, according to Geoff Brown “… and that if for some reason the Richard Branson project didn’t happen, we would still have that asset and could use it for something else.” What, precisely?

  3. This is encouraging. If this does ultimately come off, the combination of this Spaceport and a revitalised Goonhilly will put Cornwall firmly on the space/satellite map.

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