EXCLUSIVE: How Whitehall has been secretly pulling the strings that have closed Cornwall’s hospitals

Posted By on 16th September 2018

16th September 2018 By Graham Smith Plans to close Cornwall’s Minor Injury Units and sell some community hospitals have been developed by a little-known company, owned by the Department of…

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  1. Elizabeth Hawken
    We need our local hospitals. It is the Trellisk hospital that is putting us all in danger.
    The Kannally woman needs to be sacked NOW, before she does our country of Kernow any more damage. We need a local Kernewek person to run our country not a greedy Sowneck.
    We must all complain to our MPs about these hospital closours at once.

  2. “Due diligence”. Two simple but so very important words, with legal connotations, that the elected Councillors and officers of Cornwall Council appear to regularly disregard in their deliberations and decision making.

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