EXCLUSIVE: Cornwall expecting up to 4,000 extra deaths; it is possible the first Covid-19 death has happened already

Posted By on 15th March 2020

By Graham Smith Cornwall’s health chiefs are planning to cope with 2,500 - 4,000 extra deaths in the next six months because of the Covid-19 coronavirus, according to official data.…

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  1. I am surprised and disappointed to read such a scaremongering article, based on sweeping suppositions, in Cornwall Reports.
    Nothing concerning Coronavirus is currently quantifiable. It is a fast-moving scenario based without previous experience.
    “There are lies, damned lies and statistics” Mark Twain. The figures used above are already out-of-date.

    • It is indeed a fast-moving scenario, but if nothing is quantifiable, what is the basis for any policy-making? The figures are all from official sources, particularly the World Health Organisation, which now has a large data set on which to base advice which the UK government ignores. The additional mortuary facilities at the hospital are a fact. Scary, yes. But not scaremongering.

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