Elderly people discharged from hospital and sent to residential care miles from home

Posted By on 3rd February 2021

By Richard Whitehouse Concerns have been raised about elderly people being discharged from hospital in Cornwall and placed in care homes miles from their homes. A meeting of NHS Kernow’s…

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  1. What this proves is the selfish greed by the youth of today. For the last forty odd years they have been taught that they are the most important creatures on the planet, and they do not have to care for anything. Neither their children or their elders. This is how it has ended up.
    When we were young people we took care of both our grand parents and any children.
    Young people of today can not care for either, so it seems.

  2. See your article on the demise of Edward Haine!! Another disgrace of the Government’s making. Destroy the NHS and let people and their carers rot in hell! When will people understand that this destruction is purposeful?

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