Don’t call us if you see someone not wearing a mask, says Police and Crime Commissioner

Posted By on 19th July 2020

By Richard Whitehouse The Police and Crime Commissioner for Devon and Cornwall has said that officers will not be responding to calls concerning people not wearing face masks when they…

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  1. “You don’t want policing like that because it looks a bit policey”?? Have I missed something relevant about what “police” means? Once upon a time it was reassuring to see a policeman because potentially disruptive people knew they had to behave according to the law. Now it seems okay to throw bottles and rocks at the police because they aren’t allowed to respond with anything that might be construed as “aggression”. Surely there is a middle ground between American-style brutish law enforcement and trying to turn our very hard-working police force into socially sensitive, caring counsellors.

  2. Can I just correct part of this about the Street Marshalls, please. Cornwall Councils press release naming Redruth as one of the towns having them is incorrect, we do not have Street Marshalls. We did discuss it when the shops first started to open up, but decided that it was not necessary.
    Regards Face Masks, my view is a very simple one, shops have the right to refuse entry to anyone, so are perfectly within their rights not to admit anyone who is not wearing a mask. It is a matter of respect, why would you not wear one if it protects you and those around you?

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