Deal or No Deal, Cornwall will keep its EU office in Brussels

Posted By on 9th December 2020

By Richard Whitehouse The leader of Cornwall Council says that the authority will keep its office in Brussels open even after the Brexit transition period ends in January. Julian German…

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  1. Nothing surprises me under the governance of our latest Chief Executive to fall off the band wagon of redundant and incompetent civil servants. World Wars were fought over dictatorships, watch this space.

  2. It is very obvious to me that the new staff we have had dumped on us definitely are Kennaly chums from the swamp. Who are still doing anything they can to stop us leaving and getting away from under the EU jack boots. Can someone inform these crooks that we no longer are any part of this EU thuggery nonsense. Why should our tax payers have to pay for this. It would not be so bad if millions of pounds of our own money had not been wasted over the years on schemes which were a waste of money, to make crooks money, and did nothing for Kernow what so ever.
    This waste of money office needs to be shut down now.
    Elizabeth Hawken

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